What Ohio Lottery Game Plays Tonight?

Home & Kitchen Ideas Apr 8, 2024

The Ohio Lottery offers an assortment of games for its customers to enjoy, such as instant scratch-off tickets, online games, Pick 3 and 5 drawing games and Keno. Since 1973 when its creation through voter-approved constitutional amendment, over $19 billion has been raised for education through Lottery profits; contributing 7-8% to state education budget while ranking among the top five per capita lotteries sales nationwide.

Cash Explosion is the newest offering from Ohio Lottery. Players can select their own six numbers or use Auto Pick for random entries for $1 ticket. The jackpot starts at $1 Million and rolls over by at least $100,000 every time no one matches all six numbers correctly. Winners have their choice between 30 annual payments or a lump-sum amount prize payment option; tickets may be purchased at any authorized retailer and prizes of $599 or greater may be redeemed in person or through mail redemption.

Lottery officials advise keeping all ticket stubs safely stored away and always sign them before leaving an authorized retail location. Prizes must be claimed within 180 days from either their drawing or date of purchase for instant games and EZ Play prizes.

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